Make sure you get the best care by being involved in your appointment. Being involved means being prepared with questions, providing a list of medications or other information requested by your healthcare team.


Taking time to prepare before your appointment will help make the most of the time with your physician and care team. Write down your questions to bring to your appointment. This will speed up your appointment, allowing you to make the most of the time spent with your healthcare provider. Asking questions about your diagnosis and treatment will improve the quality and effectiveness of your care.


What we will ask you:

  • Patient’s name
  • Current address
  • Birth date
  • Two contact phone numbers


If you are a new patient or have not visited Floyd Valley Healthcare for some time, you will need to complete a Patient Information form when you arrive. You can download and complete that form before your visit here.





What we will ask you for:

  • Complete the Patient Demographic form
  • Complete the Patient History form
  • Insurance information


Floyd Valley Healthcare offers the opportunity to see many specialists in our Specialty Clinic. See a complete list of visiting specialists here.


Preparing for Your Hospital Visit


Here are some basic tips to help ensure a good visit to Floyd Valley Healthcare. Follow specific instructions from your physician, provider or nurse, for example, what to eat or drink before a procedure.



  • Bring slippers, pajamas, robe, shoes, a coat and any toiletry items. You’ll need no more than three changes of clothing. You also might want your favorite books, magazines, laptop computer or tablet as Floyd Valley Healthcare provides free public Internet.
  • Any medications you bring will be kept in a locker and returned to you at the time of your discharge, or sent home with a responsible family member. Inform your care team of any medications you’re currently taking
  • Leave valuables at home. We are not responsible for loss of jewelry, money or other personal property kept in your room. You are encouraged to keep no more than $5 in cash.

before your appointment


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