Community Needs

Addressing Community Needs at Our Health Clinics in Le Mars, IA, Remsen, IA and Marcus, IA


As a longtime member of the Le Mars, IA, Remsen, IA and Marcus, IA communities, Floyd Valley Healthcare aims to improve the overall health and well-being of all the residents of Plymouth County. In addition to providing emergency and exceptional medical care, we’re dedicated to addressing community health care needs.


In 2015, Floyd Valley Healthcare partnered with the Plymouth County health planning committee to conduct a community health needs assessment. The purpose of the assessment was to obtain information on how local patients use their health care services and to identify and address any of the community’s unfulfilled medical needs.


Identifying underlying issues


Through the community health needs assessment, we discovered the following key issues in Plymouth County:

  • A higher number of obese adults and children than the surrounding counties and state average, subsequently causing a higher level of chronic illness and psychological issues
  • A higher physical inactivity percentage than surrounding counties and state average, with residents averaging three hours of screen time and just over 60 minutes of physical activity per day
  • Higher rates of excessive drinking than the state and national average, leading to raised levels of drug and alcohol use
  • A need for increased awareness of available mental health services


Developing a plan of implementation


Based on the information gathered, we worked with local organizations to improve the health of Plymouth County residents with a four-point plan:


Point one:

Decrease Obesity in Plymouth County Adults and Children

  • Increase community education efforts for healthy eating.
  • Partner with ISU Extension to offer education and healthy cooking classes.
  • Provide education at local health fairs on good nutrition for adults and kids.


Point two:

Increase Community Awareness and Promote Physical Activity

  • Partner with local service clubs to organize a children’s bike fair.
  • Partner with the City of Le Mars and the local YMCA for various exercise challenges (such as “Lighten Up Le Mars”), summer recreational programs, and indoor winter activities.
  • Provide information on Floyd Valley Healthcare’s website regarding exercise opportunities.


Point three:

Promote Healthy Living Through Efforts to Decrease Alcohol and Drug Usage.

  • Partner with Jackson Recovery to complete Diversion Training for teenagers.
  • Partner with Le Mars Police Department and Plymouth County Sheriff Department to provide drug and alcohol education.
  • Partner with local schools to provide drug and alcohol education for students in middle school and high school.


Point four:

Increase Access to Mental Health Resources in Plymouth County

  • Partner with Sioux Rivers Mental Health Team to provide 24-hour crisis support.
  • Screen all ER patients with an initial self-harm assessment and provide referrals for high-risk patients.
  • Partner with Plains Area Mental Health Center to provide mental health services at Floyd Valley Healthcare clinics.


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