diabetic education

Diabetes and How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Find the diabetes programs, services and resources you or your loved ones need to live well and manage the condition effectively. When you work with Floyd Valley Diabetes Education, you benefit from our individualized approach to diabetes care in programs recognized by the American Diabetes Association (ADA). You and your family or caregiver network can receive information about self-managing your condition from FVH’s diabetes educators.


Diabetes Self-Management Program

Discover what you need to know about nutrition, medications, exercise, how to monitor your blood sugar, long-term problems caused by high blood sugars and more in our diabetes self-management program.


Diabetes & Pregnancy

If you live with diabetes and want to become pregnant or if you develop gestation diabetes while you’re expecting, take advantage of programs at FVH that will support you and monitor your progress during pregnancy. Ask your provider for a referral to the Floyd Valley Diabetes Education team.


Hospital-Based Diabetes Care

Should you need hospitalization to assist you with diabetes, reach out to our team. While you stay with us, you’ll benefit from comprehensive, specialized care delivered by our skilled, compassionate medical and nursing staff.


Contact Floyd Diabetes Education 712.546.3443 for more information.


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