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When you’re expecting, take advantage of Floyd Valley Healthcare’s full range of obstetrics care for you and your growing family in Le Mars and the surrounding area. All new moms want to have their baby with a doctor of their choice. We are proud to say that 99% of our patients get that level of personalized care. We’ve been helping families in the area for years with dedicated pregnancy services because we know for many families, these nine months will be the most exciting and nerve-wracking medical experience of your life. Floyd Valley Healthcare aims to be there every step of the way, from the time you know you’re pregnant through the birth of your child.


Specialized care

At Floyd Valley Healthcare, we take great care ensuring our OBGYN doctors provide you and your family with care through every step of your pregnancy. By connecting you with an obstetrician early in the pregnancy, you develop a strong relationship with one doctor who is there to answer questions, provide useful tips during the different stages of pregnancy, and offer guidance during what can be a period full of new experiences. Especially for new expectant mothers, having your own OBGYN can make the entire process easier.


Prenatal testing experts

One of the most important jobs of your OBGYN is to provide a suite of prenatal tests, which monitor your baby’s health throughout the pregnancy. In regularly scheduled appointments, prenatal testing includes ultrasounds, measurements, and checking for any health conditions that could adversely affect you or the baby during pregnancy. From diabetes to high blood pressure and even genetic conditions, our obstetrics team provides comprehensive service, so no stone is left unturned. We want you feeling as comfortable and stress free as possible during your pregnancy.


Obstetrics and beyond

  • In addition to family medicine physicians who specialize in obstetrics, you’ll find a variety of family-centered services her at Floyd Valley Healthcare, including:
  • Prenatal testing
  • Childbirth, breastfeeding and sibling classes free of charge for families delivering at FVH
  • Custom birth plans
  • Labor and delivery
  • Certified lactation counselors (CLC)
  • Postpartum care, including a follow-up phone call and numbers to reach your care team
  • Free visit at four or five days old for a check-up on weight and color and one-one-one time with an obstetrics nurse
  • On-call obstetrics nurse 24/7 to answer questions and offer support


Pregnancy advice and services

Are you pregnant or planning to be soon? The team at Floyd Valley Healthcare is here to help match you with an OBGYN that will be with you every step of the way. From helping with every medical aspect of the process to giving advice on diet, exercise, and ways to combat morning sickness and other pregnancy related health conditions, our doctors have years of experience. Bringing new life into the world is one of the most exciting things people do in their lives, and we help ensure you and your baby are thriving and healthy.


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