Social Services in Le Mars, IA


We want to ensure patients have every necessary service while in the hospital and help them access available resources in the community.


Social workers focus on assisting patients and families with the stresses associated with illnesses and their impact on everyday life. Social workers will:

  • Advocate for patient and families
  • Provide information on community resources
  • Connect patients and their families with options for lodging and transportation
  • Counsel patients and families to assist them with emotional and psychological distress
  • Provide information about advance directives
  • Arrange for post-hospital placements and services
  • Address issues of family violence and abuse
  • Assist with questions concerning finances
  • Help with discharge planning
  • Intervene when individuals are in danger from others or cannot take care of themselves.

social services

To learn more about Social Services at Floyd Valley Healthcare, ask your doctor, nurse or care team member to contact us at 712.546.3330.


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