Wound Care Services in Le Mars, IA


Whether caused by an accident, surgical procedures or chronic disease, wounds take time and appropriate treatment to heal. Floyd Valley Healthcare’s wound care experts offer professional treatment of both acute and chronic wounds.


Skin is the largest of all the human organs; it protects the body from harmful environments including a variety of infections. Sometimes there is an opening in our skin that needs medical attention. Wounds, which may range from minor to serious, require the attention of health care providers with the specialized knowledge, skill and experience to treat them effectively. Wounds can take time and appropriate attention to heal.  In addition to caring for wounds, our WOC (Wound Ostomy Clinic) nurses can also perform feeding tube and ostomy care including changing and education.


With your physician's referral, Floyd Valley WOC  nurses help patients with chronic and acute wounds caused by:

  • Accidents
  • Burns
  • Chronic skin conditions
  • Incisions
  • Injury or trauma
  • Skin irritation or complications with an ostomy
  • Surgery
  • Ulcers, including arterial or venous ulcers, diabetic or neuropathic ulcers and pressure ulcers (bedsores)



  • Compression wrapping
  • Debridement
  • Feeding tube therapy (changing and care)
  • Ostomy care (changing and education)
  • Pressure relief appliances such as mattresses, cushions, heel protectors, etc.
  • Specialized dressings
  • Topical medications
  • Cellular tissue products
  • Negative pressure vacuum assisted closure


If you are having issues with wound healing, need ostomy care or have a feeding tube, please see your healthcare provider and ask for a referral to the Floyd Valley WOC nurses.


For more information about wound care contact Wound Care Nursing at 712.546.3491.

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