Birth Plans

A birth plan is a lot like drawing up a blueprint of what you want in a new home; it gives the builders an idea of how you would like things to look in the end.

In creating a birth plan, a mother-to-be tells the doctor and OB team what her hopes are for the delivery of her baby. At Floyd Valley Healthcare, we offer the option of customized birth plans. Your provider can assist with choices available to make the plan that is right for you!

While it is great to have a plan so that the assisting medical staff know your wishes and special requests, some things don’t always go according to plan…especially when it comes to giving birth. If your birth plan goes out the window and your baby makes the plan, keep in mind that your little playmaker’s safety is at the forefront and whatever fallback has to happen; the end result is the same, and a healthy baby in your arms will be all that matters.