Financial Assistance

What if I can’t afford treatment?

At Floyd Valley Healthcare, our first concern is to assure that all patients receive the care and treatments conveniently and close to home. We are committed to find assistance for those patients without insurance, are underinsured or without means to cover their healthcare costs. 

Floyd Valley Healthcare may be able to help with financial assistance and other resources.

How to request assistance:

  • If you have questions about eligibility, contact the Business Office at the number listed on your bill. 
  • Review the Financial Assistance Policy and complete the Financial Assistance Application.
  • Return the application to the Floyd Valley Business Office with the required documents for review. 

Some patients may be eligible for presumptive eligibility, which allows them to determine eligibility prior to the full review of the application. Contact the Business Office at (712) 546-3343 with questions about presumptive eligibility.