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Floyd Valley Healthcare provides premier family medicine to patients throughout Le Mars, IA, and the surrounding areas. Our board-certified family medicine specialists provide our valued patients with the best primary medical care. Patients who visit one of 10 locations can expect high-quality, compassionate preventative care, including routine screenings and women’s health exams. In addition to preventative care, our patients can undergo comprehensive evaluations and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses. You can rely on our family medicine clinic to provide optimal care. 

What is Family Medicine

Family meeting new baby

This branch of medicine provides basic healthcare to all family members. Also called primary care, this medicine branch is integrated, accessible healthcare at a basic level. Family medicine associates and primary care physicians manage most of one’s healthcare needs. Family medicine is person-centered, team-based, and community-aligned healthcare specially designed to enhance one’s health while remaining affordable. This type of healthcare’s primary focus is wellness and prevention.

What Our Family Medicine Care Includes

At our center for family medicine, Le Mars area patients can expect a wide range of services focusing on disease prevention, good health maintenance, diagnosis, and treatment. We can also help you coordinate care with a medical specialist, should your treatment require it. Some of the many services our family medicine care includes are listed below:

  • Newborn and childcare
  • Well-woman visits
  • Annual physicals
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Lab and diagnostic studies
  • Diabetic counseling
  • Cancer screenings
  • Prostate and breast exams
  • Mental health evaluations
  • Immunizations

Why is Family Medicine Important? 

Family medicine is important because it is meant to be one’s primary source of healthcare, as well as one’s day-to-day source. A primary care provider will usually establish long-term relationships with their patients. A center for family medicine can provide patients with better healthcare access, lower medical costs, improved health outcomes and more. Patients who see a family medicine provider are also generally healthier than patients who do not. Regular visits to a primary care physician will ensure that your health is managed, which in turn, will help prevent significant healthcare scares and bills. 

The Benefits of Family Medicine

This important branch of medicine can provide patients with a wide range of benefits. Family medicine provides patients with preventative care, diagnostic care and treatment. If you have a chronic ailment, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease or congestive heart failure, family medicine can help. Some of the benefits of family medicine doctors include:

  • Provide immunizations and screenings
  • Provide counseling on diet, exercise, and stress
  • Provide diagnostic care for the entire family 
  • Provide preventative care for the entire family 
  • See you throughout your life
  • Make informed decisions 
  • Save you money overall
  • Know your personal and family history
  • Treat more than you think
  • Can refer you to a specialist if needed
  • Can help improve your overall health and wellbeing

Why Choose Our Primary Care Providers?

Primary Care GP Service Providers in Le Mars, Iowa

Our primary care providers serve as the first point of care for common illnesses, like the cold, flu, mild respiratory symptoms and minor injuries, and are available for routine health assessments, including physicals, annual well-child exams, mammograms, colonoscopies and vaccinations. We also coordinate care with specialists and advanced practitioners and provide medical resources.

Floyd Valley Healthcare providers are neighbors and friends. We start with a thorough discussion to understand your complete health picture. From there, we will work closely with you to develop a personalized healthcare plan to ensure we provide the best care. Our providers know and understand your health situation and coordinate the best care for your stage in life.

Family Medicine Obstetric Services

Several Floyd Valley Healthcare providers offer full obstetric care in addition to their family practice.

Your family healthcare provider knows your health history and can help you make the most informed decisions regarding your prenatal care, pregnancy and delivery. 

Choosing a Good OB Doctor

If you’re pregnant or planning to be, talk with your primary healthcare provider to learn more about Family Medicine Obstetric Services. 

The Additional Services We Offer

In addition to family medicine and primary care, we offer a wide range of other services. Floyd Valley Healthcare’s specialists use their expertise in a specific area of medicine to support a complete care plan that’s personalized to your needs. Our other services include assisted living, cardiac rehab, diabetes education, emergency care, pain services, radiology, sleep health, surgery, therapy and more.

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If you’re looking for a family medicine center in or around the Le Mars area, look no further than Floyd Valley Healthcare. We have years of experience providing our patients with the best, most compassionate care. Whether you need professional assistance managing a chronic illness or you’re simply seeking a primary care provider, we can help. To learn more about family medicine or any of our other services, contact us today. We look forward to serving your needs.  

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