BPP Champion

Floyd Valley Healthcare would like to congratulate Gina Vacura, RN, surgery manager for being named a BPP Champion.  The ‘Billion Pill Pledge’ (BPP) is a program designed to support patients during surgery and recovery. Through participation in the program, Floyd Valley Healthcare has enhanced its surgery protocols and optimize pain management. The approach is designed to enhance patients’ preparation for surgery, better manage any surgery-related pain and minimize opioid use both before and after surgery.

The mission of the pledge is to reduce leftover opioids after surgery in the United States by 1 billion pills each year. Studies show 9% of surgery patients who have never used an opioid become long-term users of opioids after being legally prescribed opioids after a surgery.

“The program has allowed us to evaluate how well we were meeting patient’s need for post-op pain control.  We discovered that we were doing many things well but found opportunities to reduce the number of opioids prescribed and improve patient education on appropriate management of pain after surgery,” states Vacura.  “The success of our program is due to the efforts of the entire surgical team.”

 “With gratitude, we recognize your efforts, which have contributed significantly to the health and safety of the patients and communities you serve. Gina’s commitment to implementing the Billion Pill Pledge program and leadership have been integral to the enhancement of Floyd Valley Healthcare’s surgical and pain management protocols. Thank you, Gina!,” states John Greenwood, COO and Cofounder of Goldfinch Health.