Choosing a Pediatrician

The person you choose to help you care for your baby from birth into early adulthood is one of the most important decisions you will make for your child.

This step sometimes gets glazed over with the commotion of having a baby, or parents default to their family practice doctor. Pediatricians specialize in kids, and they can serve as a sounding board and an additional set of expert eyes as your child grows.

Here’s what to look for in a good pediatrician –

  1. Track record. Does this doc come highly recommended by friends and family? Does she or he go above and beyond for current patients? If the vibes are positive, this could be a good fit for your baby as well.
  2. Is the office friendly and helpful? The sign of an excellent practice often starts with whoever answers the phone. Also, accommodating and kind staff are often key to future visits when you may need to get in at the last minute. If they call you by name and remember you at the next visit – that says a lot, too!
  3. Hours and location. Is the office location handy and convenient? Are the hours “made for parents” in that they are open a little earlier and/or later than 9am-5pm? All good signs.

Finding a great pediatrician will enhance your parenting journey, and Floyd Valley Healthcare has one on staff! Learn more about Dr. Jolene Meis.