Congrats! Now What…?

You spend roughly 9 months prepping for and anticipating the arrival of your little bundle of joy, and finally the time has come … she or he is here! So what’s next?

That’s a good question.

Becoming a parent is a constant learning curve, and a lot of it is discovering as you go. Getting to know your baby and their individual hunger, tired, and even boredom cues will come naturally to you in the days that follow their birth. If you have questions about how or when baby is supposed to do things, what they should be eating when, what’s normal for baby’s sleeping patterns, etc., it’s good to have a network to rely upon. Sometimes this in formed through personal friendships, family members, or online communities/groups/pages.

Your Floyd Valley Healthcare provider and OB team are here from day one for anything you need!

The book, What to Expect the First Year, is a wonderful resource if you would rather research questions without involving anyone else. Google can be a trusted ally in the middle of the night, too. Parenting will definitely bolster your self-reliance!  FVH also supplies you with books to navigate life with your new arrival, including Maybe a Baby, Having a Baby and Bring Baby Home.

Developing a routine is something that will help both you and baby. Establishing waking and sleeping hours is very important. Taking time for yourself is, too. Nap, exercise, visit with friends, do whatever made you happy before you were a parent – keep in touch with yourself. Now is a good time to learn to involve the helpers in your life – if someone offers to drop off a meal – let them! If you have a partner, try to split the baby and household loads equally to avoid burnout.

Keep in mind that the way you parent might look different from how your parents did it, how your friends do it, and even how your siblings choose to raise their families. There is no one “perfect” way to love a child. If you believe in yourself, so will your child, and if you believe in your child, they will believe in themselves, too.

You’ve got this!