Floyd Valley Healthcare Designated a Tobacco and Nicotine Free Campus

The Smoke Free Air Act, which celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2023, prohibits smoking in places of employment; however, it does not extend to smokeless tobacco. That means products like chewing tobacco or e-cigarettes are legal to use for staff over 21 years of age unless a business implements a tobacco and nicotine free policy.

According to the journal Tobacco Control, smokers miss about 2.6 more days of work each year than non-smokers. Studies have also shown employee engagement and morale is greatly influenced by a healthy workforce. A tobacco and nicotine free policy creates a healthier work environment and portrays the company’s dedication to employee health, as well as patrons to the business.

The decision by an employer to become a tobacco and nicotine free workplace benefits both the company and its employees. “Beyond demonstrating a commitment to a healthy environment, a tobacco and nicotine free workplace means decreased maintenance costs, specifically from litter on the grounds and ‘smoking hut’ maintenance,” said Angela Loutsch, Health Educator with Community Health Partners.

Floyd Valley Healthcare is the most recent organization to adopt a tobacco and nicotine free policy. Iowa Department of Health and Human Resources and Community Health Partners congratulates Floyd Valley Healthcare and can assist with implementing a tobacco and nicotine free policy at other area businesses. Free resources and signage are available. Call Angela Loutsch at 712.737.2971 for more information.