Jones Announced as February Hot Shot

Caden Jones, son of Timothy and Joselyn, has been named the February 18th Hot Shot.  Caden is a sweet 10-years-old and is in the third grade at MMCRU. He loves to live to the fullest and his smile can light up an entire room.  Even though can get hard for him, he never gives up!

Caden has a FOXP2 variation and 22q11.23 duplication syndrome, which has resulted in changes in his speech development marked by apraxia of speech.  Apraxia of speech causes severe unintelligibility of speech and affects successful communication.  He has been working hard with his speech therapist at Floyd Valley Healthcare.  Through his communication journey, Caden has worked with speech-assistive technology, sign language and is making huge progress with his speaking skills.

Please join us in celebrating Caden, our February 18th Hot Shot!

The Sioux City Musketeers, in partnership with Floyd Valley Healthcare (FVH) began the Hot Shots program in 2018.  This program was created with the goal of honoring FVH pediatric patients who have chronic health issues. We are excited to give children an opportunity to have a fun time with their family, cheer on the team and just enjoy being a kid for a night.