Floyd Valley Healthcare Language Services in Le Mars, IA


We are committed to delivering the best care to all non-English-speaking patients, and many of our forms are available in English or Spanish.


Floyd Valley Healthcare provides on-site translation services for Spanish-speaking patients and 24-hour translation service for many other languages using AT&T Language Line and Cyracom Language Solutions.


Removing Language Barriers


Floyd Valley Healthcare continues to monitor needs for all patients to provide access to quality care. Sometimes language barriers can have a severe impact on receiving appropriate healthcare.


FVH has an in-house Spanish translator, Deeana Garcia, who is available to help with medical appointments and other needs as they may arise. She can be reached by calling 712-546-3455. In addition, FVH has recently added two mobile CyraCom audio/video systems that can be used to assist patients during appointments. Through this system, translators are available for 250 languages. To help determine which language is needed, a card with the most common languages is provided for the patient to point to for selection. Once connected, the patient and medical professionals are able to speak via the translator.



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