Play Ball!

It is officially summer; time when families spend many hours at the area ballfields.  What fun memories can be made on the field with your teammates, along with keeping active, learning teamwork, maintaining social ties with friends and maybe grabbing a snack from the concession stand.  While we are all eager for a fun summer, keeping some safety tips in mind may help your ball season stay on track.

Players have been waiting all winter to get back on the field, and now all they want to do is play catch and maybe even get back to pitching.  These repetitive motions may cause issues in their elbows including pain (usually on the inside of the elbow), restricted range of motion or locking / catching in the elbow joint.  If left untreated, throwing injuries can become complicated conditions. 

The first line of defense should be rest and applying ice to the affected area.  If pain persists after a few days of complete rest or if pain returns once throwing resumes, stop the activity and seek treatment.  Playing through the pain could lead to long-term damage and potential for more intense treatment options and even longer recovery times. 

The healthcare providers and therapists at Floyd Valley Healthcare are a vital part of your team.  We are here when you need us to diagnose the issue, provide treatment (modifications if needed) and get you back to the game safely.