Rebuild Your Skills

Occupational therapy is important for patients of all ages who are affected by a wide range of conditions, symptoms and limitations.  Due to age, condition, accidents, illness or even after surgery, simple tasks or activities once done with ease can become more challenging. Occupational therapists at Floyd Valley Therapies can help patients minimize or move beyond these difficulties.

Floyd Valley Therapies’ occupational therapists work alongside nurses, doctors, physical and speech therapists, coordinating care with the patient’s entire healthcare team. Occupational therapy (OT) helps patients improve their overall physical function, problem-solving skills, coordination and memory activities.  Occupational therapists work with children and adults, assisting them with overcoming physical, emotional and learning disabilities so they become better in school, home and work.

“The renovation and expansion of Floyd Valley therapies will aid in provision of OT services,” says Dustin Wright, CEO Floyd Valley Healthcare.  “This project is important for all of our patients, from young children who have difficulty overcoming developmental hurdles to joint replacement patients heading home after surgery. There will be a dedicated pediatric space including the sensory gym and feeding clinic, as well as work area for fine motor tasks.”

Floyd Valley occupational therapists help patients improve, recover and develop skills necessary for day-to-day activities, maximizing their functional independence and ability to live their best life.

Floyd Valley currently offers outpatient, inpatient and home health services for all ages. Services offered include the feeding clinic, offroad driving evaluation, LSVT BIG program, Ayres sensory integration and upper extremity rehabilitation.

“Health events, like a stroke or upper extremity injury, can impact the patient’s ability to engage in necessary functional activities like working driving, and performing basic self-care,” says Alison Vlieger, occupational therapy manager at Floyd Valley Therapies. “OT’s can improve functions like fine motor skills, strength, mobility, quality of life and provide outcomes that allow these patients to regain skills or adapt to maximize participation and independence with patient-centered goals and activities.”

Patients who have had an accident, work injury, stroke, brain or spinal cord injury, mobility limitations or a chronic condition such as Parkinson’s disease can see dramatic improvement in their ability to perform daily tasks with occupational therapy as part of their healthcare plan. “Through education and repetition of large motor movements, patients with Parkinson’s disease can make dramatic changes in their ability to be more self-sufficient with activities of daily living (ADL), instrumental ADLs, which are more complex skills needed for independent living, and even leisure tasks,” says Christin Konz, an occupational therapist with Floyd Valley Therapies.

Occupational Therapy is prescribed for patients of any age.  Floyd Valley occupational therapists evaluate and work with kids for variety of diagnoses including developmental differences, autism, sensory disorders, cognitive problems, learning disabilities, feeding concerns and other medical conditions that impact their ability to learn and participate in life skills.

“With children, we work with fine motor skills such as handwriting, self-care, dressing skills, etc., “says Hannah Schramm, an occupational therapist with Floyd Valley Therapies.  “Occupational therapy can also improve activities of daily living like feeding, dressing, hand- eye coordination, strength and balance development, social interaction skills, sensory processing and aid with learning challenges and emotional regulation.”

Occupational therapy is also an important part of many surgical recovery plans, especially joint replacements.  OTs help patients prepare their home for return after joint replacement, as well as provide instructions and recommendations on tasks like bathing, dressing and adaptive equipment needs.  “Home modifications are a large part of home health occupational therapy. We help make the patient’s home environment safe and allow them to remain in the home as long as possible,” says Sheri Ahlrich, an occupational therapist at Floyd Valley Therapies.

Activities of daily living may be challenging after a knee or hip replacement, but Floyd Valley occupational therapists can help you make your transition a smooth one, improve your recovery time and avoid possible reinjury.

Floyd Valley Therapies offer a wide variety of therapy services for exceptional treatment and care that is local and convenient for you and your family.  Contact your Floyd Valley Healthcare provider or Floyd Valley Therapies at (712) 546-3377 to schedule an appointment. To learn about all the therapy services available, visit

Contact your Floyd Valley Healthcare provider or Floyd Valley Therapies at (712) 546-3377 to schedule an appointment. To learn about all the therapy services available, visit