Stockton Announced as March Hot Shot

Bristol Stockton, daughter of Mark and Kayla of Le Mars, will be honored as a Floyd Valley Healthcare Hot Shot at the March 2nd Musketeer game against the Des Moines Buccaneers.  Bristol is 6 years old and is a fun and loving girl who had a rough start in life but is flourishing with the help of a therapist at Floyd Valley Healthcare. 

Bristol came to Floyd Valley Healthcare needing help with fine motor skills and only saying a few words.  Now she is able to speak in full sentences.  Speech delays are diagnosed when toddlers are not meeting age-appropriate speech and language milestones.  Many kids with speech delays have an issue coordinating their lips, tongue and jaw to make appropriate speech sounds.  Seeing a speech-language pathologist (speech therapist) can help diagnose and individualize a treatment plan.

Please join us in celebrating Bristol, our March Hot Shot!

The Sioux City Musketeers, in partnership with Floyd Valley Healthcare (FVH) began the Hot Shots program in 2018.  This program was created with the goal of honoring FVH pediatric patients who have chronic health issues. We are excited to give children an opportunity to have a fun time with their family, cheer on the team and just enjoy being a kid for a night.