Asking for Help

Asking for help might not sound like something that could cause anxiety, but if many moms were honest they would agree that it certainly can be daunting to admit you need it.

Often, we’re taught that moms are superwomen – that no matter how heavy the load, we can shoulder it. Again, if many moms were honest – they would agree that that is simply not true.

Asking for help does not make you less of a mother. In fact, it is quite the opposite. A good mom knows when her children need a break to recharge their batteries. A great mom knows when she needs a break to recharge her own.

The old adage it takes a village is true – that is, if you have said village. But what if you don’t? How do you catch your breath? The answer is that you must learn to ask.

  1. Trade favors with a fellow mom pal. Ask your friend to take your kids one afternoon a week and you take hers the next. Or drop your crew off at her house for an evening of play and free babysitting – switch off and do the same for her when she asks.
  2. Utilize your family. If you have family nearby, odds are good they would love to spend some time with your littles. If Grandma and Grandpa live a distance away, make plans for the kids to spend a weekend with them – meet in the middle to drop off and pick up. Make it a monthly date.
  3. Find a good babysitter. Networking and asking around are the best ways to locate a reliable and responsible sitter. Maybe a coworker has an older and experienced child who comes highly recommended? Call the local high school and ask if you can put up a flyer there. Ask around at church or synagogue. Word of mouth goes a long way.
  4. Neighborhood watch. Have a neighbor you have a trusted and established relationship with? Maybe her own children are grown and flown, and she would love to spend some time with your kids – you won’t know unless you ask!