Our Surgery Center consists of two operating rooms, an endoscopy suite and a special procedure suite that opened in the fall of 2016. Each area is equipped with the latest technology, ensuring the best possible care.


At Floyd Valley Healthcare, you can rest assured that you will receive the best quality care possible with four general surgeons, highly trained nurses, anesthetists and a compassionate staff dedicated to delivering the best possible treatment and attention.


The Surgery Center provides expert, personalized care from our visiting specialists and surgeons, allowing patients to receive the care they need conveniently near friends, family and their care team.


Our healing environment provides a comfortable place to recover. Best of all, it’s close to home.

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Jay Strittholt, MD Orthopedic

Mark Stelzer, MD General

Shahid Naqvi MD


Jian-zhe Cao, MD


Nick Mouw, MD


Our Surgeons


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