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3D Mammography Services

Thanks to the generous donations and support from our communities, Floyd Valley Radiology has purchased and is awaiting the installation of a 3D mammography imaging system in early 2019.


An estimated $61,000 in Foundation contributions was used in the purchase of the system.  Nearly $55,000 of that amount can from the Treasure Your Chest Craft Beer and Wine Tasting event in November as well as denim day donations, proceeds from the pink ribbon shirts, a donation from Total Sales’ October Promotion, Auxiliary fundraisers and individual donations.


3D mammograms, also known as tomosynthesis, use the same x-ray technology as regular mammograms and the procedure is the same from the patient’s point of view.  The only difference may be a few more minutes per test to create the nearly 300 images with the new system versus the 4 from the older system. These images are clearer and have greater detail, allowing radiologists to be more accurate with detecting and diagnosing cancer.  3D mammography can catch smaller, more aggressive cancers before they have had the chance to spread, making treatment easier on the patient.


With better cancer detection and fewer false positives, it means that the patient can have greater peace of mind, less anxiety and more accurate diagnoses from their mammography services.  This is especially important for women with dense breast tissue and higher cancer risks.


Eastern Influences Reach Western Medicine

Floyd Valley Healthcare has implemented integrative medicine (IM) strategies to compliment medical care for patient comfort. IM strategies, such as Oshibori, aromatherapy and comfort care can help with common symptoms such as pain, fatigue and nausea.


Use of IM places the patient at the center of their care and addresses not only their physical health, but also their emotional, mental, social and spiritual health including environmental influences.  Each patient, their physician(s) and caregivers will be involved in choosing strategies based on that patient’s unique situation.


Volunteers have started delivering a relaxing hot towel, or Oshibori, to patients throughout the week.  A cotton cloth is soaked in warm water and given to patients as a relaxation technique.  Patients are able to wipe their hands, face and even place the warm cloth on their neck to ease stress and pain.


Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to help improve symptoms. Essential oils come

from flowers, trees and herbs.  Each oil is a different chemical that can be used to ease common complaints.  Oils that may be used include at FVH include:


  • Lavender (used to calm, comfort or lift your mood)
  • Mandarin (provides a calming effect and relieves stomach discomfort)
  • Peppermint (calms and comforts and is widely used to relieve stomach upset)


Comfort care is a collaborative effort between the patient and staff to reduce the inevitable discomfort that is created after surgeries or procedures.  Though the use of medications can and will be used to aid in recovery, other measures such as propping pillows, warmth, pressure or movement will also be used to make patients more comfortable avoiding excessive use of opiod-based medications.  Currently in use in the Floyd Valley Surgery Center, this technique will be brought to others areas of care as patients get more familiar with this option.


As more science-based integrative approaches are brought to the area of medicine, Floyd Valley Healthcare will continue to research and add choices to this program to aid in the comfort and relaxation of our patients.


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